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Learn To Play Guitar In Weston

If you are an adult or have a child wanting to learn to play guitar in Weston, then ProMusic Plus is the place for you to start. You don’t have to own or rent an instrument to start lessons. You can come into this business and borrow a guitar before a trial or lesson to see if the guitar is the right instrument for you.

ProMusic Plus believes their guitar teachers are so good that you will be more then satisfied to continue lessons. This music business actually gives the trial lesson free if you are not 100% happy with the guitar teacher they provided. If you want to continue lessons ProMusic Plus offers a monthly payment plan with not other fees or hidden charges.

Do you want to learn to play guitar in Weston?

If you live in Weston and want to buy a guitar to start lessons, ProMusic Plus also has a store right in front of the lesson rooms where you can purchase acoustic, electric, acoustic/electric or classical guitars for under $250.00 dollars. Selling guitars, guitar strings, capos, tuners and guitar books makes this not only convenient for you, it also provides fair market prices without having to drive 20 miles. You don’t have to take lessons to take advantage of our music store.

Going to a music center like ProMusic Plus is a huge advantage for people that want to lean how to play guitar in Weston. It provides a huge advantage over in-home lessons or internet lessons at a reasonable price. The rooms are insulated so they are clear from distractions of other lessons. Parents can sit comfortably in the lesson rooms with their kids or in the lobby. Parents can learn the guitar with their child at no extra cost if they want. One on one instruction guarantees focus from the teacher. And most importantly, the teachers have been background checked by the FBI making this environment safe. They are highly qualified teachers and professional musicians.

If you are interested in learning to play guitar in Weston. Contact ProMusic Plus at 754-223-7079 or go online to schedule a lesson today. Where the real music makers are in Weston, teaching any instrument you want to learn. Also this business has a recording studio where you can show off your progress and provides bands for events and parties!

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