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Garage Band Package

Playing in one of our Garage Bands is an opportunity for our more experienced students to show off their talents. Typically each band has 3-6 performers: one or more on guitar, another on keyboard and one on drums. Some also include a fourth student on bass and a fifth on vocals. Occasionally the vocalist also plays one of the instruments. They meet together and jam once a week for an hour. ProMusic Plus also provides these groups with performance opportunities in the community. This is offered to our existing private students first but is also available to students not currently enrolled for a larger fee. Participation criteria is determined by instructor evaluations of the students. It takes a commitment to be in a group. And don't forget, practice is in our "garage" not yours?

Guitar Classes and Drum Lessons in Weston Florida

Music Lessons are required prior to joining Garage Band. Many Garage Band members at ProMusic Plus continue to take private guitar classes, as well as piano, violin, voice or drum lessons. For the best guitar, piano and drum lessons in South Florida, Weston's own ProMusic Plus cannot be beat. Our sound proof recording studio is ideal or Garage Band guitar,keyboard or drum lessons here in Weston Florida

  • You will be billed in advance for 4-weeks from the day you start your lessons. Billing @ $80.00/4-weeks. If you do not pay on time, you will lose your lesson time
  • Non-students of ProMusic Plus will be billed in advance for 4-weeks from the day you start Garage Band.  Billing at $140/4 weeks.
  • There are no reschedules for Garage Band. Lessons will be charged in full if missed
  • If you are late for your lesson, you will not be refunded in time or money
  • This package is due every four weeks of the month.  You can pay online at www.promusicplusweston.com using your credit card. 
  • If you do not pay on time, you will no longer be a part of the band
  • Cancellation of this package must be submitted by email at least one week before your next billing period.  Email: playmusic@promusicplusweston.com
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