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Music Lessons

Piano lessons or keyboard classes, guitar classes,or vocal lessons are very popular when starting to take music lessons in Weston. These instruments are wonderful tools when learning to read music. Our teachers offer a range of curriculum, from popular to classical. We have Berkley Boston and Frost graduates, and piano guild qualified instructors. The students of these teachers have opportunities to participate in national auditions with outside evaluators.

Instruments And Lessons We Teach

Guitar Classes and Vocal Lessons

Guitar classes are also very popular with our students. We offer acoustic, electric, bass and classical styles. Our students learn everything from rock to classical genres in our guitar classes.

We have a special room dedicated to percussion instruction. Our drum classes are available for beginners as well as advanced students. We offer a ranges of percussion styles including Band, Latin,African, etc.

We offer instruction in a variety of string instruments. Our most popular classes are in violin but we also offer viola and cello. These instruments are essential for orchestras.

A range of wind instrument lessons is also available. Our most popular classes include flute, clarinet, and saxophone trumpet and trombone. These instruments are important for school marching bands and orchestras, as well as for certain types of music, such as Jazz.

Vocal lessons are offered in a variety of musical genres. Students learn to use their vocal cords in a private class. Vocal lessons range from pop tunes to Broadway show tunes to classical as well as opera! Some vocal students only come in to prepare for an audition to be in a musical play. Others are studying voice because they are also participating in choirs. Some voice students are in bands and want to improve their performance. Others just love to learn to sing!

Music Store And Much More

Our students can also purchase their instruments, such as keyboard, guitar, bass, violins, music books, picks, etc. directly from us. Our store is small, but we carry a variety of well priced instruments and books. If you choose to take a trial lesson, we will loan instruments, but is important for the student to have an instrument for practice at home between lessons once they fall in love with music.

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