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It's Never Too Late for Adults to Take Music Lessons

ProMusic Plus welcomes the young at heart. We believe that music is for everyone. Many adults take lessons during the day when the kids are in school or when they have a lunch break. Even if our hours say we are not open, call to set up lessons today at 754-223-7079! Adults can also take lessons with their child on the same instrument for free.

It is never too late to learn to play an instrument. Unlike other hobbies, music can be a lifelong activity. Some of our customers have instruments in the family (pianos, violins, etc.), which have been sitting around for years waiting for someone to play on it. Others find that later in life when the demands of career and family are not so great, there is finally the time to devote to their passion or interest. Others might have taken lessons as a child but did not, for whatever reason, continue and want to refresh their skills. Music is like riding a bike, once you learn an instrument, a part of you never forgets. Music education challenges the brain, keeps it active and functioning better. At ProMusic Plus Our Instructors are also professional musicians and have a plethora of eras they can teach. The right teacher makes all the difference.

THE Place for Music Lessons and Party Bands in Weston Florida

Having music lessons available in South Florida to adults is a wonderful opportunity for them and a great service provided by ProMusic Plus. Adult music lessons with instruments or even vocal lessons add enjoyment to your day. Music lessons are easy to schedule since we are open 6 days a week until late. For the working folks, you can schedule lessons on the weekends. Or if you prefer, we have the flexibility to provide music lessons during the day when most of our students are in school. And if you are planning a party, ProMusic Plus provides bands for your fiesta. All of our teachers are also professional musicans, so you can Build A Band for any party or event. ProMusic Plus is THE place for music lessons in South Florida. Don't wait, call today to find the right teacher and the best time in our schedule for those voice lessons you've been wanting to take!

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