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The Benefits of Music Lessons for Beginners

ProMusic Plus understands the benefits and importance of music education for our children.

Learning music contributes to student achievement in terms of success in society,school,intelligence and life. Music lessons for beginners offered by ProMusic Plus includes Little Mozart which give students a wonderful start on their musical journey in life.

The value of music to society is that every human culture uses music to express its ideas and ideals. Music is a universal language of expression and emotion. Music also plays an important role in our economy in terms of jobs, purchases and events. Higher earnings are not just associated with technical skills,it is just as closely associated with mastery of the arts, including the study of music. The arts in schools provide effective learning opportunities, which yield increased academic performance,reduced absenteeism and better skill building. This effect is particularly significant for at-risk youth. High school students who participated in band or orchestra, including guitar classes, reported the lowest use of substances such as alcohol, tobacco and illegal drugs. Music also helps with critical thinking and problem solving skills. Teens who participate in music such as guitar classes see it as their social glue, a bridge for building acceptance & tolerance for people of different ages and cultures. Arts education experience is also what many competitive colleges and universities are looking for in their candidates as it broadens their understanding and appreciation of the world as well as contributes significantly to intellectual development.

The study of music helps children become better students in other areas. The discipline of music study,especially through participation in ensembles,helps student work effectively and keeps them motivated in the school environment. Schools with music programs, even music lessons for beginners,also have higher attendance rates. Schools with music programs have significantly higher graduation rates, and that rate increases based on the quality of the music program. The higher the quality of the program the higher those students will score on standardized tests including the SAT, in both math and English. All the recent winners of the national Siemens Westinghouse competition in math, science &technology for high school students played at least one musical instrument.

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The study of music also helps achieve success in developing intelligence. Recent studies show how music study can actively contribute to brain development. After providing music lessons, those students increased their scores on IQ tests. Children with music training have significantly better verbal memory and the longer the training the more it improved. Studies show that mastering a musical instrument also improves the brains ability to processes languages, increasing sensitivity to rapid sound differences, which are also essential to processing language. Music experience can also help to fine-tune the brain's auditory system. Young children taking music lessons show improved memory, which correlated to improved literacy, visio spatial processing as well as verbal memory, math and IQ. Our Little Mozart program is an example of such an early childhood education class.

The study of music helps students achieve success in life. The benefits of music may be psychological,spiritual or physical. Music helps students connect with themselves and it is also a bridge to connecting with others. Our Garage Band program is a wonderful example of this. Music introduces us to the diversity of the human family. Music enriches the soul and expands as well as challenges the mind. It has been said that music elevates education,expands students' horizons and is a test of the quality of a nation's civilization.

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