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Drum Lessons in Weston Florida

There are several reasons to take drum lessons in Weston. Drummers are the heartbeat of every band, and the rhythm of the drum plays a huge part in music. Learning to play the drums is a fun hobby and a great outlet for creative expression. Private instruction is a great way to try before you buy a set of costly drums. At ProMusic Plus our instructors are professional musicians and will help you find the right set at the right price in Our Weston Music Store. It’s never too late to get started with drum lessons! So if you have always wanted to give the drums a try. Private lessons at ProMusic Plus can help you get started.

Research shows that people of any age who take music lessons improve their intelligence, emotional processing, memory and attention, math skills, language and more. Not only that, but playing music lowers heart rate, lowers agression, and even improves breathing. Making drum lessons or music lessons in general a huge stress reducer!  At Columbia University, researchers proved that students taking music or in bands, were move self confident, better able to express ideas and overall more friendly with teachers and their friends.

There are even studies that show that music makes the brain larger and no other area of art or science or sports provides this result!. But researchers cannot explain why music lesson improve brain size and functionality. There are on-going scientific debates in this area. But one thing is clear to ProMusic Plus, music improves life. So come over and learn to play drums, or guitar to help you improve yours today!

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