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Piano Lessons in Weston Florida

Improve Your IQ By Learning To Play Piano

Studies have shown that learning to play a musical instrument, especially the piano, can improve your brain power and your IQ. Although several of these studies have based on children, recent studies on adults show they can reap benefits as well. ProMusic Plus also believes that piano lessons show more self-discipline in school. Researchers have measured strong changes in adults showing that the brain is more active in people who take piano lessons, even after the age of 65. Proving you are never never too old, nor too young to begin learning piano at ProMusic Plus. Studies have also shown that musicians tend to have higher IQs than non-musicians. Piano Uses Both Sides of the Brain because when you are playing the piano you are usually using both hands while also listening, and watching the music.

Piano Lessons Improve Coordination

Here are some of the reasons you should sign up your kids for piano lessons at ProMusic Plus! Playing piano help improves coordination. It is known to relieve stress and build self confidence. And since piano uses bass clef, treble clef and rhythm,it makes it easier to learn other instruments. But most of all, playing piano is fun! Many of our students start by telling us what kind of music they like. Whether it is pop, easy listening or another genre, out teachers make it fun and can teach pretty much any type of music!

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