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Learn Music Theory in Weston Florida

Whether you are looking to become a musician, composer, musical engineer, or conductor knowing the in’s and out’s of music writing and reading is a necessity. The instructors at ProMusic Plus understand that music theory is the catalyst for artistic development. Often time music theory is not given enough attention inside the school music classroom, which ultimately cheats the students out of a well-rounded musical education. All music lessons at ProMusic Plus in Weston, FL are designed to encourage each student to compose and arrange original pieces by providing them with the tools they need to properly understand, read, and write music.

Instructors at ProMusic Plus incorporate this fundamental element into our music lessons, by using authentic applications such as song writing, composing, and arranging. ProMusic Plus makes sure we are creating not only knowledgeable musicians but well-rounded artists with the ability to play and create music.

For the younger musicians, our teachers use a system called Music Mind Games, which was created to engage the student and make learning fun. This method can be taught on a one on one basis or in a group setting, through cooperative learning. Our teachers love this method because students of all ages and levels can be taught beginning to very advanced music theory in a conceptual sequence. Our teachers at ProMusic Plus in Weston, understand the importance of a thorough music theory education, therefore we believe it is our duty to make sure it is fun and exciting for everyone involved, that way there will always a desire to learn.

If you are interested in learning Music Theory in Weston, Florida call ProMusic Plus today to schedule your lesson.

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