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Looking for a Guitar, Piano, Violin, Drums, Saxophone Teacher?


Our Weston Music Teachers Make Music Lessons Fun

Gerald has been teaching guitar since 2006 in the Weston area. At ProMusic Plus teaches acoustic, electric, bass & classical guitar classes. He is one of several guitar music teachers that is bi-lingual in English & Spanish. Gerald studied at Miami-Dade College with a specialty in sound engineering & recording. He is also a professional musician with a musical focus on multiple genres and plays professionally in Miami with Alcides Herrera. With regular appearances in Miami. Gerald is one of our three sound engineers for our recording studio.


Guitar Teacher, bass guitar, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, classical guitar, also a sound engineer bilingual English and Spanish


Matt has been a guitar instructor in Weston since 2009. He is originally from Connecticut and has a degree in professional music from Berklee College of Music in Boston. Matt is also one of our Student Band instructors and is experienced in writing Jingles or Lyrics for you or your business.. He performs as a professional musician throughout South Florida and has played in several popular venues in the Hardrock Casino.


Electric Guitar, Classical Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Piano, Drums, Build A Band and Student Bands


Josh is a talented professional percussionist. Josh is a graduate of Broward College with a degree in Music Performance Drums, and Latin percussion. Josh performs a the drummer for Kayey a Latin Jazz Sextet, and is a member of the First Symphony Orchestra.


Drum Teacher, Percussion Teacher, Bongo Teacher, Beginner Piano, Bilingual English and Spanish



Julie is one of our piano & voice instructors. She is finishing her degree in Music Performance. Julie also worked at Disney singing on stage.  She has studied with some of the best vocal coaches in the world and uses these methods to teach her own students.  She has several years of performance and music theory.


Piano and Voice Lessons


Marcee began teaching Violin, Viola and Piano in Weston in 2011. Her preferred curriculum is the Suzuki method. Marcee is originally from South Florida and previously taught at various other music schools in this area. Marcee graduated from FAU with a degree in Music Education. Marcee was the principal violinist with the FAU Symphony Orchestra, USF Symphony Orchestra and University of Tampa Symphony Orchestra. In High School, Marcee was also the principal violinist with the FL Youth Orchestra. She also works very well with younger musicians and children with special needs, through music related books and games.


Violin, Viola, Finale APP, Cello, Music Theory and Piano Teacher, Suzuki.


Vincent is a violin & piano teacher at ProMusic Plus He has been a music instructor since the age of 16, and teaching in Weston for over 4 years. He is originally from Columbia and is fluent in Spanish. Vincent studied at the Conservatorio Antonia Maria Valencia in Cali. He also studied with Thomas Moore of the University of Miami who was also the Concert Master of the Symphony of the Americas. Vincent has performed for many organizations & events, including the Philadelphia Summer Music Festival, Sewanee Summer Music Festival, the Violin Virtuosi Festival of Miami and the FL Youth Orchestra (first violin chair).


Violin Teacher and Piano Teacher, Suzuki. Bilingual English and Spanish


Alex - is one of South Florida's favorite Saxophone Players. Alex began a music academy in Puerto Rico and has over 20 years of teaching experience. Although his primary instrument is saxophone, he also teaches flute lessons, clarinet lessons and more. Alex is available for entertaining you at any function. He is part of our Build A Band live band rental division and is happy to play any genre required. He is a professional Jazz and Latin player.


Woodwind Teacher, Clarinet Teacher, Flute Teacher, Saxophone Teacher, Bilingual English and Spanish


Jonathon has been teaching for 8 years and has been playing in competitions for over 20. Along with being a touring musician, his focus is to help you attain your musical goals!. Jonathon graduated from Dillard center for the Arts, Parkway Center for the Performaing Arts and the American School of Music.


Guitar Teacher, Electric guitar, electric bass, acoustic guitar, piano

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