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Suzuki Program

Dr. Shinichi Suzuki in Japan founded the world-renowned Suzuki program or Suzuki method of music instruction. His father owned a violin factory and he later studied violin lessons in Germany. Dr. Suzuki was a violinist, educator, philosopher and humanitarian. The method he developed he referred to as the "talent method". The components of this curriculum include: listening, repetition, encouragement, and Learning To Play Music before learning to read music. He believed children could learn music early in life in the same way they learned to speak. The most important factor is involved parents and loving teachers. He feels that every child has talent and deserves to have his or her potential nurtured and developed. Dr. Suzuki believes the study of music helps to develop self-esteem in children, respect for others, and a cultivated aesthetic sensibility. These students will become tomorrow's performers, sensitive audience and guardians for the future of our musical legacy. He believes the universal language of music helps to bring harmony and peace to the world.

The Place for Violin and PianoLessons in Weston Florida

The Suzuki program is most popular with string and piano students.  Although guitar is also growing in popularity with the Suzuki method. ProMusic Plus carries Suzuki materials in our store, such as instruction and performance books available for purchase for the Suzuki program.  ProMusic Plus has Suzuki trained instructors available who have specialized training.  Weston music lessons at ProMusic Plus are the definition of exceptional music instruction!

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